Night Golf

What seperates Magic Hills from all other golf courses across the state is are unique night golf. What is night golf? Well it is just as it sounds, golf at night. Our course has lights lining every fairway and around greens, similar to lights that would surround a little league baseball field. These lights provide adequate lighting across the course to make sure balls aren't lost and can be easily found. However the light poles are set up so that they never seem to be in the way.

This isn't some driving range. This is an actual golf course. Nine holes across manicured fairways with tricky greens. The greens are elevated, creating a very unique feel, a feel that only Magic Hills can provide both during the day and of course at night.

Primetime golf is something that every golfer must try at some point in their golfing career. Night golf provides opportunities to play after work, or to just have some fun on the weekend. Cheap rates make it so once you're hooked, you can continue coming back. Call to book your tee time for some night golf today!